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Nightwing YouTube Web Series

Nightwing YouTube Web Series

Location: Email me
Start time: 04 December 2013, 00.00
End time: 11 December 2013, 00.00
Description: STILL seeking actors for independent youtube web-series.
Please e-mail head shot and resume to
You will receive an e-mail back with sides and information to submit a taped audition. Series shoots for 10 days during December 2013 in Las Vegas.

Check out the trailer!


Barbara Gordon / Oracle – Female (20-24 years old). Dark red hair, blue eyes. Sweet looking girl with a beautiful face.

Slade Wilson / Deathstroke - Male, (50-60 years old) strong, in shape complexion. Raspy and intimidating voice.

Bruce Wayne – Male, mid 30s. Stone jaw, dark hair, light eyes.

Willy Wintergreen - Male (30-50 years old). Average build. Bad guy look.

Jason Todd – male (18-24 years old). Dark hair and light eyes.

Senator Hamilton Hill – Male, (40-70 years old). Slender, weathered, decent looking man. Politician type.

Mayor Francis Redhorn – Male, early 50s. Average build, decent looking man. Politician type.

Alfred Pennyworth – Male, (50 - 65 years old). Classically handsome, older gentleman. British accent. Butler composure.

Jazz Singer- Female early 40’s jazz singer.
Attending 12
Ricardo Leyva
Ricardo Leyva

Havent gotten a follow up email yet. I really want to work with these guys..wonder if they already picked their cast..hmm...My hopes are still high! :) *Sits and waits patiently, and refreshes email every 10 seconds.